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The Christening Corner

Shell Lace Cotton Magic Baby Hanky Bonnet

SKU:  TCC-5SL-1w


Antique White
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  • 100% cotton handkerchief bonnet is edged in a 1/2" border of machine made shell lace that is inspired by the delicate shells on the beach. The lace is very soft and is the perfect material to surround a baby's face. Excellent choice as part of the baby take me home outfit or for that special Christening Day, when a "Wedding Handkerchief Tradition" begins.
  • In a number of years when the baby is to marry, this bonnet becomes a beautiful handkerchief for the bride to carry down the aisle as "something old". Beautiful gift packaging includes a version of the delightful Handkerchief Baby Bonnet Poem chosen by you! Select your favorite poem.
  • Handmade exclusively by The Christening Corner

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