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Baby Bracelets for Girls

Saint Christopher Medal
1" Gold Plate Saint Christopher Medal
style  174 $104.00
Gold Baby Ring
10kt Gold Baby Ring
style  377 $61.00
10kt Girls Ring
10kt Gold
Girls Heart Ring
style  188 $63.00
Gold Cross with Diamond
14kt Gold Fill Cross
with Diamond Chip
style  87 $50.50
14kt Adjustable Bracelet
14kt Gold Fill
Adjustable Bracelet
style  373 $63.00
Gold Heart Locket wtih Diamond
14kt Gold Fill
Diamond Heart Locket
style  1 $57.00
Girls Bracelet
Baby Girls Pink Pearl Bracelet
style  558 $27.00
White Pearl Jewelry
Baby Girls White Pearl Bracelet
style  517 $29.00
Baby Girl Earrings
Cubic Zirconium Baby Earrings - 14KT Gold Posts
style  374 $37.00
Girls Pearl Bracelet
Girls Pearl Bracelet
with Sterling Heart
style  326 $25.50
Girls Pearl Earrings
Girls Pearl Earrings
14KT Gold Posts
style  375 $39.00
14KTGF Bangle
Gold Baby Bracelet
style  187 $63.00
Gold Baby Cross Necklace
Gold Baby Cross Necklace
style  376 $78.00
Gold Baby Locket
Gold Baby Locket
style  370 $48.00
Wedding Bracelet
Headband Converts to Wedding Bracelet
style  510 $14.25
Pearl and Cross Jewelry
Pearl & Cross
Baby Girls Bracelet
style  317 $25.75
Pearl and Silver with Crystal
Pearl & Silver with Crystal Bracelet
style  515 $26.00
Silver Cross
Silver Baby Cross
with Diamond Chip
style  88 $44.00
Silver Baby Necklace
Silver Baby Necklace w/Sterling Cross Charm
style  323 $21.75
Silver Girls Necklace
Silver Girls Necklace
w/Sterling Heart Charm
style  328 $21.75
Silverplate Cuff Bracelet
Silverplate Baby
Cuff Bracelet
style  316 $13.00
Silverplate Cuff  Bracelet
2" Cuff Bracelet
style  325 $12.95
Sterling Beaded Cross
Sterling Baby Cross
with Beaded Edge
style  348 $34.00
Sterling Bangle
Sterling Girls
Bangle Bracelet
style  371 $69.00
Sterling Silver Baby Bracelet
Sterling Silver Baby
Bracelet w/Enamel Flower
style  15 $80.00
Girls Locket
Sterling Silver Baby
Locket w/Enamel Flower
style  16 $67.00
Sterling Bangle
Sterling Silver Heart
Design Baby Bracelet
style  2 $70.00
Sterling Heart Locket
Sterling Silver
Baby Heart Locket
style  372 $42.00